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About Us

The Audio Visual industry is one of the most dynamic in the world, with advances in technology taking entertainment options to ever higher levels. At Prisma Dinamika Indonesia, we sit right at the forefront of industry developments, harnessing and exploring them for the benefit of our clients. As an Authorised Distributor of a range of premium AV brands from Europe and the US, not only are we committed to delivering the very best products, but to sharing our hard-earned knowledge so our clients can make sound, informed choices. Our overarching goal is to add value to our customers user experience when they come to us.


Experienced professionals

Prisma Dinamika Indonesia was founded in 2015 by a team of seasoned Audio Visual professionals. Drawing on our years of hands-on experience in the set up and management of AV equipment, we set out to bring the finest and latest in AV technological advancements to South East Asia.

Value-added distributor

Some service providers recommend equipment without any knowledge or interest in their customer?s needs. At Prisma Dinamika Indonesia we are passionate about our equipment and the ever evolving nature of the technology behind it. We provide more than a simple Audio Visual experience ? we are a brand that truly adds value. Using our strong and ever growing social media presence we provide our clients with expert guidance and knowledge sharing. By taking the time to educate our customers and helping them to get the best out of their AV equipment, we are revolutionising the industry, using online platforms to increase product awareness in a modern and dynamic approach.

One-stop solution

We know that our clients? time is valuable, so we provide a one-stop solution for each and every Audio Visual need. Whatever the demand, our stocks are always readily available, saving you hassle, time and money. Our particular focus is on large scale, cutting-edge visual components such as screens and projections for concerts, cinemas, galleries and theatres.


Our story

Fahmi started out his career in audio visual technology as an apprentice AV crew member. Thanks to his hands-on approach he quickly worked his way up the ladder, and was soon operating large events as the go-to guy for video switchers. After a few years, Fahmi became a director for leading AV distributor PT. Sentra Niaga Perkasa., which he then left to start Prisma Dinamika Indonesia. He has never looked back. With 13 years in the industry Fahmi has a wealth of industry knowledge as well as the ability to consult on and install any type of video solution for enterprises. A qualified trainer for the whole Analog Way range of equipment, Fahmi is also one of the few people to be certified by Analog way as an expert in their LiveCore certification programme.

- Fahmi Ramadoni, Director and Founder of Prisma Dinamika Indonesia

Brand Vision

At Prisma Dinamika Indonesia, we hope to reflect the excitement and dynamism of the Audio Visual industry in everything we do. Our mission is to transform the face of AV equipment distribution, bringing the end user experience firmly to the fore, offering more than just technical support but an all-round appreciation for the art behind the ever-evolving AV industry. We believe in giving our customers more than a great experience we want to give them the chance to make an informed choice. It is this belief which drives us as we constantly strive to change the landscape of the South East Asian Audio Visual arena.