Datapath supply video wall controller systems that are capable of integrating many types of video and data sources onto any display configuration. Datapath offers complete solutions, sub systems and components for any wall controller needs.

Our video wall controllers are used in variety of different areas such as traffic control centers, telecom operations facilities, utility companies, security applications and in entertainment settings.

We provide highly expandable and flexible solutions for video wall and multi screen solutions, using Datapath’s latest generation of video capture cards and graphics cards. WallControl-red video wall software is a Datapath Windows application enabling easy configuration and set up of your video wall controller.



Datapath PCI Express Gen. 2 and Gen.3 backplanes

 High bandwidth backplanes offering both 9 and 11 slot solutions

 Up to 8GB/s bi-direction speeds

Datapath SBCs with powerful Intel® processing technology, options include:

 Single and Dual Quad Core Xeon options

 Haswell Core i7

 Sandybridge Core i7

Datapath approved ASUS motherboards, options include:

 Single Xeon

 Intel Core i5

A range of expansion options providng a maximum of 50 PCI Express slots

19″ 4U Rack mounting chassis that provides enchanced airflow and noise management

Fully compatible with Datapath’s range of video capture and graphics cards

Support for Datapath’s suite of software applications

 WallControl-red for Video Wall management and Wall Monitor for System Stability Assurance